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Pacific Cardiology is a multidisciplinary team of specialists who provide cardiology services and cardiac care.

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Stress Echocardiogram

Stress Echocardiogram is a procedure that determines how well your heart and blood vessels are working. During a stress echocardiography, you’ll exercise on a treadmill or stationary bike while your doctor monitors your blood pressure and heart rhythm.


Echocardiogram is a sonogram of the heart. Echocardiography uses standard two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and Doppler ultrasound to create images of the heart.

Exercise Stress Test

Exercise stress testing is used to evaluate how well your heart copes with the extra demands placed on it during exercise. In comparison, a routine ECG is done when the heart is at rest.

Holter Monitoring

Holter monitor is a portable device for continuously monitoring various electrical activity of the cardiovascular system for at least 24 hours.

24 hour BP Monitoring

24-Hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is designed to monitor your blood pressure (BP) for 24 hours, including at night. In general, this device takes a reading every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes during the night.

Hypertension Screening

Hypertension is a very prevalent condition that contributes to significant adverse health outcomes, including premature death, heart attack, renal insufficiency, and stroke. Detection and early treatment of high blood pressure in adults substantially decreases the incidence of cardiovascular events.

Cardiac Consultation

A Cardiac Consultation involves a full cardiac assessment with one of our experienced Cardiologists. If this is your first visit to our practice, please complete the Patient Information Form and bring it with you to your appointment, along with all your current medications or complete list of your medications.

In addition to your consultation with the Cardiologist, it may be necessary to have further tests or investigations performed during your visit or scheduled for a later date.

Urgent Cardiac Consultation

Pacific Cardiology will at all times prioritise Urgent Consultation requests. Where possible we will try to arrange same day appointments.